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Check out these helpful Let Joe Know links for consumer issues

Posted at 8:16 AM, Jan 14, 2019

Do you have a consumer problem that Let Joe Know has covered? We've compiled a list of consumer issue information that may help you!

Below is a list of several Let Joe Know stories that offer useful information for many different consumer issues:

  • Buying a car? Joining a gym? Do you have 3-days to cancel? CLICK HERE
  • Charities calling? How to know if they're legit. CLICK HERE
  • Renting? Take pictures to prove damage. CLICK HERE
  • How to make your personal information disappear from old electronics. CLICK HERE
  • Do your homework before hiring a contractor. CLICK HERE
  • Five simple steps to avoid identity theft. CLICK HERE
  • Bankrate's 7 steps to bring up your credit score. CLICK HERE
  • Home phone call blockers: Do they work? CLICK HERE