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Buying a car? Joining a gym? Do you have 3-days to cancel?

Posted at 7:37 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 14:07:28-05

Joining a gym? Buying a car?

If you sign the contract and want to cancel, can you?

Alexzandrea says she spent too much on her gym.

She says, "like way out of my budget. I came home and my mom gives me a disappointed look and just stares at me."

Good going mom.

The death stare saved your kid a lot of money.

And a shout out to you Alexzandrea.

Yes, you can cancel a gym membership within 3 business days, written and sent certified mail for proof or delivered to the club.

So where else do you have a 3-day cooling off period?  Check your contract to see what's offered.

But when it comes to state law:

Buy a car? No cooling off. It's a done deal unless you have it in the contract.

Get a call and order something by phone?

Yes, you can cancel within 3 business days from the delivery of the merchandise.

Cell phone contracts?

Arizona law does not give you a cooling off period.

But, major cell phone carriers will give you 14 days to cancel without penalty.

Sign up for a dance studio?  

Yes. You have 15 days to cancel.

Buy security alarm protection?  

Well, if you contacted them, usually no.

But, if they sold you a system in your house, yes.

You have 3 business days to cancel.

Most in-home sales can be cancelled within 3 days, with exceptions.

But you also have 3 days to cancel sales made at a seller's temporary location.

Think expos, convention center shows, hotels and fairs.

Even those financial seminars at restaurants.

You have 3 days to cancel in writing.

Click here to learn more about the Arizona 3-day rule.