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Renting? Take pictures to prove damage

Posted at 7:27 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 22:28:09-04

A lot of renters have to fight to get their deposits back.

But Aubrey Carey didn't think she'd be one of them.

Yet, when she moved out, the property management from West USA Realty said there was damage.

She would lose her nearly $1,100 deposit.

And, she'd have to pay another $1,649 for lists of problems.

When lawyers threatened her, Aubrey let me know.

The Better Business Bureau/Let Joe Know problem solvers went to work.

Volunteers Barbara and Jim couldn't get the company to talk with them.

So they couldn't show them all of Aubrey's proof.

And Aubrey had a lot of proof she did nothing wrong.

She took pictures before she moved in of paint and carpet damage.

She had those pictures time and date stamped so she wouldn't be blamed.

Aubrey says she also made a checklist of damage before moving in.

She sent that through certified mail to the property management, saying it's proof they received it.

And when her deposit was kept, she sent a demand letter to get it back.

Eventually, our team got hold of the right person.

They met with Aubrey and eventually, she did get her full deposit back.

West USA Realty did not return our calls or email for comment.

Aubrey knows she wouldn't have much of a case, without all of that proof.

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