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Restaurant Report Card: 14 businesses fail health inspections in January 2020

Posted at 9:45 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-05 13:45:53-05

PHOENIX — On the first Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes action to share restaurant report cards from around the Valley. In January, 14 restaurants or food establishments failed to receive a "C" or better on their health inspections.

See inspection details from the Maricopa County Public Health Department below (violations taken verbatim from reports).

Most violations were corrected at the time the violation was observed, according to the reports.


Circle K
2640 W. Van Buren Street, Phoenix AZ 85009
Grade: D. See inspection report, here.

Violations: Coffee, cream, and ice dispensers contained accumulation of respective residue on and around dispensers at time of inspection; package of open hotdogs in walk-in cooler had date mark of 12/20/19. Two other open hot dogs had no date mark and had been in cooler for unknown amount of time and were pulled from cooler and placed on embargo/recommended for discard during inspection; Wall damage at floor/wall juncture across from computers and adjacent/on other side of hot water heater. Repair wall by next routine inspection. 

Matt’s Big Breakfast
Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 4: 3800 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix AZ 85034
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed an employee handle raw animal proteins, remove their gloves, and then wash their hands for approximately 8 seconds; Several open metal pans of raw shelled eggs were stored on a wire shelf directly above ready to eat leafy greens in a reach-in fridge; Observed several pans of cooked potatoes stored out of temperature control with internal temperatures between 118-131. The PIC stated that the potatoes had been prepared less than one hour prior and had been stored out of temperature control due to one of the establishment's salamander breaking down.

Cafe Rio
2131 E. Camelback Road, suite 103, Phoenix AZ 85016
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: At time of inspection the dishwasher was observed handling dirty dishes then directly putting away clean sanitized dishes without first washing their hands; two containers of tomatoes located near the back storage area were found to contain moldy tomatoes; At time of inspection an employee was observed dipping dirty dishes into quaternary ammonium sanitizer for 3 seconds before putting them away to air dry. The establishment uses dishes interchangeably between catering and the regular restaurant. PIC was advised that contact time for quaternary ammonium sanitizer is a minimum of 30 seconds in order to ensure a sanitized surface.


Carniceria El Herradero
492 W. Ray Road, Chandler AZ 85225
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed a large butcher knife used to chop cooked meats and grilled whole chicken with a broken handle., observed employee at the bakery touch a loaf of bread with their bare hands which was going to be finished off with margarine and sugar and set out for sale; observed no paper towel holder or dispenser at the outdoor cooking station.

Filiberto’s Mexican Food
1845 E. Guadalupe Road, Tempe AZ 85283
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed raw shrimp being stored above shredded lettuce in reach-in refrigerator. Employee moved raw shrimp to bottom shelf at the time of inspection; observed ice machine with organic buildup on plastic shield; Observed fly paper installed above hot holding line and food prep area; onions were observed being sliced directly underneath paper; observed employee handle churros with latex gloves. Employee removed gloves and employee was educated on proper glove use.

550 W. Baseline Road, suite 103, Mesa AZ85210
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed a knife stored in a green container with visible food debris on the blade. Per PIC, this same knife has been used all day (since opening). The green container holds Quat sanitizer which the employees used to dip the knifes (sic) in in between use. Discussed with PIC that the knife must be properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized every four hours; Observed PIC dip a knife in Quat sanitizer, and then store the knife in a container next to the sanitizer. That same knife was then used again to cut a customers sandwich before the knife was completely air dried. PIC removed the sanitizer container from the line, and grabbed a new knife.

Salvadoreno Restaurant
303 E. Southern Avenue 113 Mesa AZ 85210
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed used water bottles stored on top of the prep table. Water bottles were discarded; Observed cabbage shredder with an accumulation of cabbage dried on the blade and inside of the machine. Per PIC, the shredder had not been used today; observed a lighter stored above a food prep area. The lighter was moved to a location away from food prep areas.

Fat Straw
2200 E. Williamsfield Road, suite 117, Gilbert AZ 85295
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee going between the back room and front room, working with the register, handling debt cards and then working with open foods without any handwashing; observed handwashing sink basin in back room being used as a storage place for things; observed no paper towels at handwashing sink in back.

2005 W. Broadway Road, Mesa AZ 85202
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed an employee handle raw chicken, remove gloves and proceed to touch handle to remove cooked chicken. Then employee donned new gloves to handle raw chicken; Observed the hand sink next to the 3 compartment sink blocked by boxes/supplies from a delivery. PIC removed boxes to create a path to the hand sink; Observed boxes containing raw chicken stacked directly on top of boxes of battered fries. PIC relocated the boxes of raw chicken; Observed 6 empty plastic containers stored in the hot holding unit. The temperature of the plastic containers was below 135'F. The containers contained particles of cooked chicken.

2850 S. Alma School Road, Chandler AZ 85286
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee at the register taking orders, then proceeding to scoop ice with a cup and handing it to the customer. Discussed using a scoop when scooping ice into cups and hand washing in between a change of tasks to prevent contamination; Observed uncovered, cooked rice on the counter in a container near the walk in freezer at 87F that had been cooked at 10:28am. PIC discarded the rice; Observed fried chicken at 105-150F in the hot holding unit near the front registers. The temperatures varied, with the chicken on the outsides of the unit being cooler in temperature. Per PIC, the chicken was fried a half hour prior. PIC voluntarily discarded the chicken.

Rumbi Island Grill
5942 E. Longbow Parkway, suite 101, Mesa AZ 85215
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee handle raw shrimp, remove gloves then put on a new set of gloves to begin prepping food without first washing hands; observed chopped romaine lettuce and beans in top portion of prep table at 46-48*F. PIC stated items had been in prep table for less than two hours and were moved to walk-in cooler to cool down; observed several chemicals stored above single service cups near cash register. PIC moved chemicals at time of inspection.

2935 E. Riggs Road, Chandler AZ 85249
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Test strips for quat sanitizer were bleached whited and unusable. No other test strips were available in the deli department. PIC retrieved useable quat test strips from the main office; observed build-up of liquid on the floor by the raw rotisserie chickens in the walk-in cooler. Please clean and sanitize and maintain clean.

Multi-Generation Senior Kitchen
7550 E. Adobe Road, Mesa AZ 85207
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee handling bread sticks. Same employee with gloved hands drank from bottle of water that uses a screw cap. Employee started to finish breadsticks order; observed several food items inside main walk in refrigerator past expiration dates. Cooked black beans burger in big tray with date mark 1/14/20; expired on 1/20/20. Pre cut tomatoes in walk in refrigerator with white organic matter growth on all cut tomatoes; observed two colored bottles with soapy chemical with not name to identify containers.

Holiday Inn Phoenix Mesa-Chandler
1600 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa AZ 85210
Grade: D: see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed no soap at the hand sink next to the 3 compartment sink. The battery was replaced at the time of inspection to provide soap; observed raw packages of filet Mignon and raw marinated steak in the walk-in stored above raw fish. These items were moved below the fish; Observed the low temperature dishwasher with a chlorine concentration below 10 ppm. The dishwasher was ran several more times and still produced the same concentration. The Chlorine concentration of the low temperature dishwasher must be between 50-100 ppm; Observed no dates for cooked pork, and chicken. Per employee these items were cooked on Saturday. Observed pepperoni with a date of 1/13. Per PIC, this date is incorrect since the pepperoni was frozen during this time. PIC discarded the pepperoni. PIC dated these items at the time of inspection.


No restaurants in the West Valley inspected during January failed their health inspections.