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Restaurant Report Card: 11 restaurants, food establishments fail health inspections in June 2019

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 14:13:38-04

PHOENIX — On the first Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes action to share restaurant report cards from around the Valley. In June, 11 restaurants or food establishments failed to pass their health inspections with a "C" or better.

See inspection details from the Maricopa County Public Health Department below.


715 E. Bell Road, Phoenix AZ 85022
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: No food manager certification available in establishment with priority violations documented during inspection; Observed employees washing hands for no more than 5 seconds due to clogged handsink; Only handsink in establishment was clogged and had pipes disassembled so that waste water drained into container below. Service call was placed at time and sink was repaired during inspection; observed packages of meat thawing on counter at ambient temperature at start of inspection.

La Madeleine At Luhrs Tower
45 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ 85003
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: In the clean dish area, observed a tomato dicer with organic matter on the blades. There was also organic matter build up between the black push part and the handle. Additionally, observed organic mater on a metal pan in the clean dish area; Below the dish machine, as well as in the basement near the water heater, and also in the coffee service area, observed over 5 drain flies flying in the air and on equipment; In the walk-in, observed multiple salmon packages in reduced oxygen packaging. The package clearly states the product shall be removed from the package prior to thawing.

Barro’s Pizza
2485 E. Baseline Road, Phoenix 85042
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee working register and handling money then use tongs to sere pizza slices without washing hands; Observed no conveniently located handwashing sink available for employees to wash hands prior to dispensing pizza slices; Observed employee with long painted fingernails dispensing pizza at service counter. Person in charge had employee don gloves at the time of inspection.

The Strand
2 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ 85004
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed multiple employees wet hands, scrub with soap for less than 10 seconds, then rinse their hands. Each time this occurred, inspector had the employee re-wash their hands using the proper method; On the cook line, observed an employee pick up a piece of equipment off the ground while wearing gloves, then proceed to remove one glove and put a new one on before returning to the panini making station and touch a plastic bin containing food; On the cook line, observed an employee remove a piece of grilled chicken from the grill. Inspector asked the employee if it was done, and they said yes. The chicken was measured between 145-150*F in the thickest part. Had employee place the chicken back onto the grill to be fully cooked; The door to the freezer is not able to be closed all the way due to malformation of the floor.

Sip Coffee and Beer House
3620 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85018
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Kitchen employee was observed washing his hands for a total time of 5 seconds then going to the prep line to begin preparing food; The dishwasher was observed handling dirty dishes then going directly to handling clean dishes without washing her hands; In the bar area it was observed that freshly washed cups were being hand dried with a towel after coming from the dishwasher. In the kitchen area it was observed that an employee was towel drying dishes. The employee was advised to only air dry cups.

Sushinola Roll Mobile
3840 W. Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Asked person in charge big 5 food borne illness symptoms. Person in charge was able to recall 1 out of the 5. Reviewed big 5 with person in charge, provided big 5 hand out; Employees Informed to Report Illness. Asked person in charge, if they had a illness policy. Person in charge was not sure what the policy was; Upon inspection, the only hand wash sink had dead cockroaches in the basin of the sink; Observed dread (sic) cockroach between the cutting board and lid at food prep table across from 3 compartment sink; Observed live cockroaches of all life cycle throughout mobile food unit; Upon inspection, throughout the food truck, excess grease and old dry food particles were observed.

Pete’s Fish & Chips
4121 N. 44th Street, Phoenix AZ 85018
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: The establishment does not have a certified food manager; The floor is severely pitting/chipping underneath the fry and grill line, exposing rough concrete underneath; The establishment does not have a thermometer to measure internal food temperatures, or internal refrigerator temperatures; Several items in a reach-in fridge were out of temperature.

Country Manor Assisted Living Center
2815 N. 48th Street, Phoenix AZ 85008
Grade: D; see inspection report, https://envapp.maricopa.gov/EnvironmentalHealth/FoodInspection?p=FD-52434&i=4519216

Violations: Employee handling dirty equipment at three compartment sink went to handle clean equipment and serve food without washing hands; Resident food bowls observed being washed, rinsed, and set on drain board to dry without being sanitized. PIC stated that establishment did not have sanitizer; Prepared salad item (with cut tomatoes) and chicken broth in reach in coolers with no date marks. PIC was unsure of when items were made and discarded; Multiple dead insects on glue boards stored on counter area. Ensure that dead insects are removed promptly.


Newtritious Juice Bar
1445 S. Arizona Avenue, Chandler AZ 85296
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed PIC [person in charge] use register and then proceed to place on a pair of gloves to cut up raw vegetables for juicing without first washing hands; observed interior ledge of the ice machine with organic debris; observed the quat sanitizer in the three compartment sink at a concentration of 0 ppm; Observed skim milk and kale and spinach cold holding at 48-51 deg F in a walk in unit holding out of specification. PIC discarded food items.

Mesa Country Club
660 W. Fairway Drive, Mesa AZ 85201
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed salsa and in walk in cooler dated from 6/1 (5 days past discard date). Items were discarded at time of inspection; Observed three compartment sink with QUAT sanitizer levels of 500 PPM. PIC drained and refilled sanitizer to bring levels to 200 PPM; Observed high temperature ware washing machine reaching a maximum of 154*F for final rinse. Will re-inspect within 3 days to ensure high temp dishwasher is working properly and reaching minimum160*F.

Brookdale North Scottsdale Senior Living
15436 N. 64th Street, Scottsdale AZ 85254
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Employee handling personal phone then went to glove up and handle food items without washing hands. Employee touching face went to handle clean equipment and food items without washing hands; The interior of microwave with excess old food debris/soil residue along top. PIC stated that microwave would be cleaned; Multiple (more than 5) ice cream scoops stored in dirty standing water in prep area. Water temperature was 77F; Dust present on ceilings and fans in walk in cooler. PIC stated that ceiling would be cleaned.


No restaurants or food establishments in the West Valley that were inspected in June failed their health inspections.