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Restaurant Report Card: 14 places failed their health inspections in August 2019

Posted at 9:46 PM, Sep 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-08 18:35:10-04

PHOENIX — On the first Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes action to share restaurant report cards from around the Valley. In August, 14 restaurants or food establishments failed to pass their health inspections with a "C" or better.

See inspection details from the Maricopa County Public Health Department below.


Phoenix Public Market Cafe
14 E. Pierce Street, Phoenix AZ 85004
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed grease and oil on top of and on the ground next to the grease recycling dumpster; Drawer prep cooler across from stove had an ambient air temperature of 55.7 Deg. F, per min/max thermometer. Foods in cooler moved to walk-in cooler for rapid cooling (reference violation #20); Cut lettuce, cut cabbage, cut tomatoes, raw chorizo, chicken, mayo sauces, cheese, & spinach in drawer prep cooler across from stove had internal temperatures ranging between 48-56 Deg. F, had been in cooler for less than 3-hours, and moved to walk-in cooler for rapid cooling to 41 Deg. F.

Filiberto’s Mexican Food
1601 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix AZ 85006
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed an employee touch raw bacon with gloved hands. The employee removed their gloves, lathered their hands with soap for approximately 2 seconds, rinsed their hands in the sink for approximately 5 seconds, and then dried their hands and attempted to return to food service; the establishment's prep line fridge was out of temperature as were several items in the fridge; 10+ live flies were observed in the establishment; An open metal pan of raw chicken was found in the walk-in fridge, stored on a wire rack shelf above an open, unlidded container of ready to eat salsa, boxes of eggs, and water used for the establishment's agua frescas.

Taqueria La Condesa
3001 E. Washington Street, Phoenix AZ 85034
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: The establishment does not have a certified food manager; The establishment's handwashing sink in the kitchen area is non-functional; no water flows from the sink when either the hot or cold knob is turned on; Raw chorizo in a metal pan was stored on a shelf directly above ready to eat ham stored in a metal pan. A metal pan of raw lengua was stored on a shelf directly above metal pans full of cooked chorizo and cooked al pastor; antacid tablets, blister packs of ibuprofen, and a large bottle of extra strength acetaminophen were all stored among the establishment's dry ingredients and spices. These items were on a shelf directly above the establishment's slicers and prep sink.

2502 N. 44th Street, Phoenix AZ 85008
View inspection report, here.

Violations: Employee handled/cracked raw shell eggs then went to handle cheese, potatoes and clean equipment without changing gloves and washing hands. Employee was also observed putting a clean glove (mitt) over the soiled gloves without washing hands. Employee was asked to wash hands and did so; Employee personal phone stored on shelf in prep area over/next to open food items used within the establishment. Employee removed phone; Brown gravy-83-119F cooling in the walk in freezer at 10:53AM. Employee stated that gravy began cooling at 6:50AM and discarded-see embargo form.

El Nuevo Taquito
3237 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix AZ 85008
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed cabeza, lengua, and salsa roja in hot holding unit at 127-132 degrees F. Per cook, the items were reheated and placed in unit at 8 am (8 hours prior to inspection). When brought to attention, employees discarded the items;

Burgers Amore Food Truck (immediate suspension)
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Imminent health hazard. The only means of commercial cold holding was only able to achieve 68-70df with all TCS items for cold holding out of temperature. Ham cold cuts at 71df , cheese singles at 71-68df, shredded cheese at 54df and hotdogs at 61df. Unit must maintain food at 41df or below. Permit suspended.


Sahuaro’s Taco Shop
2828 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa AZ 85210
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed person in charge not fulfilling their duties. Multiple priority violations were observed during the inspection including repeated violations for #18, #19 and #20. Violations were observed because there was lack of oversight and accountability for items that had been left out at room temperature and items in the walk-in cooler cooling in containers that were far too large or deep to properly cool foods. A shipment of raw meat was also observed stacked in the kitchen and did not get put away until 1.5 hours into the inspection; Observed plastic bins of raw meat being stored on floor beneath storage shelves in walk-in cooler. Establishment does not have sufficient cold storage for the amount of food being produced.

Woodshed Ii
430 N. Dobson Road, Mesa AZ 85201
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed deli slicer covered in dust, food debris and other organic accumulation; Observed Hummus, tuna salad,, deli meats, hard boiled eggs, milk, cream and hot dogs with no date marks. Person in charge stated items were prepped on Monday and were date marked at the time of inspection; Observe two filled chemical spray bottles with no labels. Person in charge labeled at the time of inspection; Observed heavy buildup of grease and oil accumulating dripping down back wall of fryer line and lower shelving. Back wall in kitchen was observed with heavy accumulation of food debris at the trash can; Observed back of kitchen and office with excess equipment including warming drawers and crock pot. Shelving above 3 compartment sink was observed with personal food items, old food containers, chemicals and other assorted items. Office was observed with a pile of boxes and assorted liquor bottles haphazardly stored on shelving with tools and other equipment.

Bourbon Jacks Bar & Grill
11 W. Boston Street, Chandler AZ 85225
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed the slicer with an accumulation of food debris around the blade and other portions of the slicer. Per PIC, the slicer had not been used today, and may only get used a few times a week; Observed a peeler, and knives with dried on food debris stored as clean. PIC discarded the peeler, and the knives were moved to the 3-compartment sink to be washed, rinsed and sanitized; Observed the following TCS foods with a discard date kept longer than 7 days: goat cheese with aioli 7/30, and salsa 7/20. All TCS foods must be date marked for 7 days and discarded on the 7th day.

Fountain View Village - Senior Living
16455 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills AZ 85268
Grade: D; view inspection report, here.

Violations: Employee entered kitchen and put gloves on, then went to handle food items without washing hands. Employee in ware wash area handled dirty equipment and then went to handle clean items without washing hands. Both employees were asked to wash hands and did so; Cooked leg of lamb with 8-6 date mark, cooked swiss steak with 8-7 date mark, crab item with 7-31 date mark, turkey deli meat with 8-4 date mark, and chicken salad with 8-4 date mark in the walk in cooler. PIC discarded all items.

Bosa Donuts
130 S. Val Vista Drive, Gilbert AZ 85233
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed employee wash hands for 6 sec. Discussed proper handwashing procedure with employee and person in charge at time of inspection; 1st consecutive violation. Observed croissants with ham and cheese, and cooked hot dogs being held as time without any time stamp. Person in charge time stamped these products at time of inspection; Observed establishment using lemon scented bleach for sanitizing at 3 comp sink and in all sanitizing buckets. Person in charge will go out and get new bleach this afternoon.

Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes
2000 Westcourt Way, Tempe AZ 85282
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed chicken in the bottom of the large prep cooler on the line that was 48*F-52*F. Per PIC, the chicken had been made the night before. PIC discarded the chicken upon request. Observed salsa and cream sauces in small metal containers that were stored in a larger metal container in the top of the large prep cooler on the line that were 44*F-46*F. Per PIC, the items had been in the cooler for 3 hours. PIC moved the salsa and cream sauces to the walk-in cooler for rapid cooling upon request; Observed cooked rice with a date mark of 8/7 and roasted napales with a date mark of 7/31 in the large prep cooler on the line. PIC discarded the items upon request. Please ensure all TCS food are used or discarded within 7 days;

El Pollo Loco
2520 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler AZ 85224
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: The cook washed his hands and dried them. As he was walking back from the handwashing sink to the grill area he took the towel he had used to dry his hands and wiped off his face. The employee was asked to wash his hands again, which he did; t the beginning of the inspection observed that diced tomatoes were sitting unattended in a container next to the dicing machine and a colander containing whole tomatoes. The person in charge (PIC) instructed an employee to move them to the walk-in at approximately 11:45am. No prep work had been done on the tomatoes between that time and the start of the inspection; The door handle to the walk-in refrigerator had old food residues adhering. The door handle was cleaned.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro
523 W. University Drive, Tempe AZ 85281
Grade: D; see inspection report, here.

Violations: Observed every employee that washed their hands, wet their hands, put soap on and immediately scrubbed and rinsed soap off under running water with a total of handwashing occurring for 3-10 seconds then dried with paper towels; Observed employee at the dishwasher handling dirty dishes while wearing gloves then immediately go to the grill and stir foods on the grill top and handle the clean food-contact utensils. Observed an employee wearing gloves touch their knee, shorts and wipe gloves on apron then with the same gloves continue to handle bread and clean food-contact surfaces; Observed dust on ceiling lighting, around hood above pizza oven, and near dish area between reach-ins and dishwasher with accumulated debris. Observed in bar area in between dishwasher, sinks and other equipment with build up black debris and particles.


No restaurants in the West Valley inspected during the month of August failed their health inspections, according to the Maricopa County Public Health Department.