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Ancient Anasazi art on display at 'Rock Art Ranch' near Winslow, Arizona

Posted at 5:45 AM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 09:25:05-04

Just outside of Winslow, sits a piece of land known as the "Rock Art Ranch." It's about 17 miles southwest of Winslow and southeast of Holbrook, to be exact. 

A bit of a barren and bumpy ride with some mostly dirt roads but once you arrive, ranch owner Brantley Baird, who's been on the property since 1945, is happy to show you around. 

He loves educating the public and visitors about his land and the original settlers, pioneers, and Native Americans who lived here long ago.

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"It's the old way of life and our people nowadays, it's a completely different world, completely," Baird said.  

The main attraction is just a short drive further into the property, to the canyon. There you can hike down and see up close petroglyphs etched into the canyon walls by Anasazi Indians thousands of years ago. Some are estimated to be at least 9,000 years of age and still preserved in their natural state. 

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Baird welcomes visitors to his ranch and is proud to share the legacy of the early Indians and settlers with everyone. If you call the ranch, he'll likely be the one to answer the phone, giving you directions and a little cowboy wit. 

The Rock Art Ranch asks for a $35 donation which includes a trip out to the petroglyphs where they'll let you spend as long as you'd like in the canyon -- you just can't stay overnight. 

Directions to the ranch can be tricky. Baird will give you directions but says do not use your GPS, follow his way to Rock Art Ranch: 

  • Take Highway 87 South of Winslow to Highway 99 and then head Southeast for about 8 miles.
  • Turn left on Territorial Road and continue on that for about 12 miles. 
  • You'll cross over a one lane bridge and shortly after that, you'll turn Right onto Rock Art Ranch Road, marked by a large sign. 
  • Continue on Rock Art Ranch Road until you reach the ranch. 

To contact the Rock Art Ranch call: 928-386-5047 

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