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Pinal County officials now have a plan to address major ballot errors

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jul 12, 2022

FLORENCE, AZ — Pinal County election officials say they now have a plan, after sending out tens of thousands of incorrect early voting ballots.

While some ballots had municipal races left off. Other people who are not eligible to vote in municipal races had those contests on their ballot.

Tuesday the County Board of Supervisors decided to use a supplemental municipal ballot.

The unanimous vote came during a special meeting, with this issue was the only topic on the agenda.

Pinal County Attorney, Kent Volkmer, described it as essentially two elections running at once.

With this plan, on primary day, some people would get two ballots.

As ABC15 has reported, over 60,000 ballots were impacted.

People say they are concerned because some voters left town or even threw heir ballots away.

This has created a mess, and the Director of Elections stepped up and took the blame for the human error.

Volkmer told the board of supervisors, this is not going to be easy and it's not a perfect solution.

He told ABC15 there are some very important instructions for early voters depending on how you voted.

"The people that are in the impacted municipalities, there’s seven of them, those ballots will be automatically sent to them if they’ve already received their early ballot and they are on the permanent early voter list," said Volkmer.

But the people that went in early to vote, will have to take action.

"They will have to come and let us know and request it," said Volkmer. "We are not able to automatically send them the ballot."

He said they need friends, families, and neighbors to spread the message if they know someone in that situation. People that need help can contact the county recorder, or other county offices.

Volkmer said if a voter has a ballot, they should cast it.

He said this issue only impacts municipal races.

ABC15 was told the county website would be updating their FAQ section they have posted, to help inform voters.