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Lamon pushing hard as August primary approaches

Jim Lamon
Posted at 5:21 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-22 00:08:13-04

PHOENIX — While hitting the campaign trail, Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon made a final push with voters at a bevy of speaking engagements Thursday.

Inside AJI Sporting Goods in Apache Junction, Lamon was “laser” focused in on the border.

“We cannot allow this drug flow coming in, we cannot allow open borders in our country,” said Lamon at one point.

He also spoke at length about restoring American manufacturing and one of the most critical issues facing the state - water.

“We’re conserving extremely well but we need more if we’re going to keep building our beautiful state, as well as freedom loving people who keep coming here from all around the country,” said Lamon

He’s on the clock with less than two weeks in what has become one of the most competitive and closely watched races in the country.

Those seeking a shot at Senator Mark Kelly in November face a crowded field of conservatives which includes former President Trump-endorsed Blake Masters, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Justin Olson and General Mick McGuire.

Those who attended Thursday's event seem to believe Lamon is the man for the Job.

“Jim is a down to earth person, he’s solid on his perspectives, he’s had the background experience, knowledge, skills, to do the job as our United States Senator,” said Glenn Walp of Apache Junction.

From Apache Junction to a Queen Creek IHop, Lamon says he believes this is where he’ll find the votes - in the places where you’ll find the people.

“We have traveled over the last what sixty three weeks twelve hundred miles a week, listening, business guy, I listen,” stated Lamon.

He also heard the questions about losing the Trump endorsement to lead competitor Blake Masters.

We asked how he’ll rectify that difficult reality with voters, especially considering how closely linked his campaign has been with the former president from the get-go.

“We all make mistakes, let's start there, and number two, look at it from the perspective of it wasn’t me being tied to the president, I’ve been tied to the people,” said Lamon. “I think if you look at from where we’re running, on the people side of things, grassroots coming up, not top down, that is a much more resilient stronger base when you grow from the ground up.”

But will the people feel the same way? Only time and votes will tell.

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