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Report of voter intimidation referred to Department of Justice, Arizona Secretary of State's office says

The alleged intimidation happened outside the Mesa location for the second time in two weeks
Posted at 7:47 PM, Oct 19, 2022

MESA, AZ — An official with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that they have referred a report of voter intimidation to the Department of Justice and Arizona's attorney general.

The SOS office tells ABC15 that a voter was approached and followed by a group of individuals, while “the voter was trying to drop off their ballot at an early voting drop box on Monday,” an email stated.

Maricopa County has two official drop box locations in the county — one outside their main election tabulation center in downtown Phoenix and another in Mesa outside the Juvenile Justice Court.

The alleged intimidation happened outside the Mesa location.

“The SOS has talked to the voter, informed Maricopa County, and referred the report to the DOJ and AG’s offices for further investigation,” a spokesperson wrote.

Last week, ABC15 shared there were reports of people in the vicinity of the very same drop box location in Mesa.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer did not elaborate during a press conference last week on who the group is, but expressed concern if a voter becomes confronted, “Any attempt to deter, intimidate a lawful voter is unlawful, should be immediately reported, please to us, but also law enforcement.”

Mail-in ballots can be dropped off at any of the 12 open voting locations, or a United States Postal Service drop box as well.

Richer said there are cameras on the two ballot drop box locations they have.

There have been calls by activists across social media for volunteers to watch ballot drop box locations in different counties across Arizona. There are concerns about what the intentions would be, and how untrained groups would be watching.