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Allister Adel says she's not resigning in first TV interview since asked to step down

Allister Adel
Posted at 8:53 PM, Mar 08, 2022

PHOENIX — Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel gave an on-camera interview for the first time since refusing to resign despite concerns about her sobriety and job performance.

Adel sat down with PBS Arizona’s Ted Simons of ‘Arizona Horizon’ for a taped interview that aired at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

“How are you doing?" Asked Simons. “I'm good I'm happy, I’m healthy,” she replied for the first question.

The questions mostly focused on Adel’s health and her judgment. The top county prosecutor was clear in her stance saying, “I am not resigning.”

Simons pointed out some of her staff had issued concerns about Adel’s behavior at work and the number of absences she’s had.

Adel defended herself saying family obligations during the holidays followed by some family getting COVID at different times played a role in her not being present at the office.

"I wasn't always there, but I was in the office from time to time, always. And available to sign things I needed to sign,” she said.

Those absences mixed with allegations that Adel was impaired on the job have led to a State Bar Investigation.

“You haven't been impaired while on the job?" Asked Simons.

“Absolutely not. I take my job duty very, very seriously, those are absolutely false. I welcome the State Bar's investigation,” she replied.

Last month, five top prosecutors from Adel's office issued a letter saying she's shown "obvious signs of impairment" while on the job. Her staff says she has not kept her promises to them about sobriety and she has lashed out when confronted about her issues with alcoholism. The letter calls on her to resign.

"The timing sometimes isn't lost on me, it's unfortunate regardless, it's tough to disprove falsehoods, we have to change the narrative, we have a job to do in this office,” she said when asked why her staff would write that letter.

Adel defended herself pointing out the staff calling on her to resign is five members of an office with a thousand people.

Last year, Adel was forced to admit she was out of state in rehab for alcoholism and an eating disorder.

Still, the Maricopa County attorney says she has no intention of stepping down.

“Those who want to do better and be better, should be given the opportunity to do so,” said Adel as her ending message.