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5 tricks to save money on gas this holiday weekend

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 22:44:23-04

Some experts expect that we'll pay up to $200 dollars more on gas this year compared to 2017.

While you can't change the price, you might be able to change how much you're spending.

Air conditioning is a must in the Arizona heat, but if you can avoid driving during the hottest part of the day you may be able to save some money. 

According to Consumer Reports, the higher the outside temperature, the harder your a/c has to work. It's a recipe for using more gas. 

AAA says the average price for regular unleaded is $3.03 in Arizona, as of May 24.

Compare that to $2.29 in 2017. 

Keep in mind that's the average which means there are lower and higher prices available.

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Using a gas price app can help you find those closest to you. 

The Gas Buddy shows prices ranging from $2.77 to $3.14 in zip code 85008. 

Another way to save is by using a cash-back credit card for gas purchases.

The rewards earned could offset some of the cost, but only if you pay it off every month. 

Costco's Anywhere Visa is giving back 4 percent on gas purchases this quarter. 

And shows some credit union cards are offering five percent cash back. 

You may already have a card that has a rewards program for certain purchase so check it out.

You can also get money off on gas purchases just buy grocery shopping, or buying gift cards for things you're going to do anyway using the Fry's fuel rewards program.

Fry's offers double fuel points on all gift cards.

What does that mean? A $100 dollar gift card equals $.20 off per gallon on your next fill up at a Fry's Fuel Center. If you get the maximum amount of discounted gas allowed, which is 35 gallons, you'll save almost $10!

There are dozens of cards to choose from, including Southwest Airlines, if you have a summer trip planned. Buy one before you book your next flight, it'll get you a lot fuel. For example, a $500 Southwest gift card would give you 1,000 fuel points. That's $1.00 off per gallon of gas!