MCAO files new charges against suspect in deadly crash

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 21, 2020

SALT RIVER, AZ — The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has filed three counts of endangerment charges against a man accused of driving drunk and killing two people in October of 2018.

Until now, no charges were ever filed against Collin Reeves. Salt River Police suggested manslaughter charges, but MCAO said there wasn't enough evidence for a likelihood of conviction.

"There is a lot of questions about when each of the vehicles entered the intersection," MCAO Spokeswoman Jennifer Liewer said.

The office also admitted they couldn't charge Reeves with DUI because the statute of limitations had already passed.

Liewer says they've since changed their system so that doesn't happen again.

"So that those misdemeanors are now flagged so the prosecutor will get a notification," she said.

She says because Reeves was driving over the speed limit when he passed another person on the road before ultimately killing Audrianne Dillard and Jesel Torres, the office has now filed three counts of endangerment against Reeves.

"We believe that there is a reasonable likelihood that a jury would find he did endanger the lives of those people," Liewer said.

She says the office decided to revisit the case, because the family was unhappy with the outcome.

"It's been a conversation back and forth with these families," she said. "It's tough because I don't want to set up unrealistic expectations in that sometimes we just can't charge a case, but we do want families to know is that if we can we will."

MCAO says if convicted, Reeves could face between one-and-a-half to three years for each count.

Attorneys representing the victims have also filed a complaint against the establishment they say over served Reeves alcohol the night of the crash.