Crews work to board home after car crashes into it in North Phoenix

Posted at 8:53 PM, Dec 27, 2021

PHOENIX — Crews worked well after sundown to board up a large hole at a Phoenix home after a car full of teenagers crashed into the side of it on Monday afternoon.

Kristain Chastain says two of her teenagers in the car ended up in the hospital.

“I got in my vehicle and carefully came over here, and both collapsed in my arms,” said Chastain.

Phoenix Fire tells ABC 15 that eight people were involved in the crash.

At least three teens are critically hurt.

Doorbell video from across the street caught the moment of impact.

The car clipped another car driving down Acoma Drive around 4:30 p.m. on Monday before smashing into a home and getting lodged between a tree.

Neighbors say the homeowners aren’t home but on vacation in Hawaii.

Those who live nearby say the crash sounded like an explosion.

“You got to slow down, there’s children, there’s a pedestrian, there’s a lot of people around here, you know?” said one neighbor when asked about the drivers in his Northwest Phoenix neighborhood.

Phoenix Police at the crash site tell ABC 15, they don’t suspect impairment playing a role in the crash. However, the teen driver will be cited for not wearing a seatbelt, failure to control speed and not having a driver’s license.

“I was just worried about them because they were in a car with someone who lied about their age,” said Chastain.