WATCH: Oregon player appears to drop ball before goal line vs. Arizona State

Posted at 2:43 PM, Oct 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-29 21:14:30-04

It's simply amazing that this keeps happening -- and in ASU's case, it's amazing that this play wasn't reviewed.

During the first quarter of the Arizona State Sun Devils' big game at Oregon on Saturday afternoon, tight end Pharaoh Brown scored a touchdown to give the Ducks an early 7-0 lead.

Or did he?

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Take a look at the frame-by-frame breakdown and a screen grab and decide whether Brown -- a senior -- actually crossed the goal line before letting go of the ball.

It's possible that an Oregon player picked up the ball in the end zone afterwards, which would have assured an Oregon TD regardless of whether Brown dropped the ball early. 

Nonetheless, two questions arise: Why wasn't this play reviewed? And how -- HOW -- does this keep happening? 

Here are a couple of other examples from this season alone.

ASU coach Todd Graham has always had a simple solution for avoiding this ridiculousness: Hand the ball to the referee after every play.

Still, it's amazing that, of all teams, a player from Oregon would be this careless, considering the Ducks were on the opposite end of this situation two years ago at Utah, resulting in a huge 14-point swing.