BLOG: Brady suspension is height of hypocrisy

Posted at 4:45 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 19:45:51-04

Fifteen months after Deflategate, a federal appeals court has ruled in favor of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell -- and as it now stands, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will serve a four-game suspension to begin the 2016 regular season.

This means Brady will miss the Patriots’ Week 1 matchup at the Arizona Cardinals on primetime television.

The supporters of this suspension will tell you the commissioner is doing his best to uphold the "integrity" of the game. Hogwash! You can take your "NFL integrity" and shove it in your attic!

You want to talk integrity? How about the NFL tells us what it knew about concussions, or how concussions can lead to CTE?

Or, maybe we should compare suspensions. You can be suspended for two games for stomping on someone's head, three games for being arrested, three games for assault and four games for substance abuse. Oh, and four games for deflating footballs.

No, you can take your "NFL integrity" argument and stuff it inside those deflated footballs!