ASU students, fans react to Herm Edwards' departure

Decision announced Sunday afternoon after loss against Eastern Michigan
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Posted at 10:13 PM, Sep 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-20 13:00:32-04

TEMPE — Arizona State University fans are reeling from the news of Herm Edwards’ departure as head coach.

Some fans told ABC15 they were surprised; others say it was not unexpected, especially after the 30-21 loss to Eastern Michigan University on Saturday.

The university said Edwards relinquished his head coach duties and Vice President Ray Anderson said it was a “mutual agreement.”

Caleb Campero, an ASU student, was working on Mill Avenue when he heard the news.

“It’s hard for a coach that’s already in a difficult position to survive a loss, like what happened last night,” Campero said. “I thought maybe they might let him ride the rest of the season out.”

However, Pat Sheehan, an ASU alum and football fanatic, said he was not surprised.

“Coming from Michigan myself, Eastern Michigan is one of the worst schools in Michigan and they still beat us. We just don't have the horses this year,” Sheehan said.

“It was disappointing because it was a game we were expecting to win and it obviously didn't fold out the way we wanted it to go,” added Jack Rue, a freshman ASU student.

Sheehan told ABC15 he’s been feeling “apathetic” toward his alma mater’s football team for quite some time now. He feels the NCAA’s investigation into the university’s recruiting violations had a hand in the way the team ended up.

“It just seems like our whole momentum went bye, bye, and we have to pay the price,” he said. “But, I hope we get a new coach. I’m looking for Urban Meyer.”

The Sun Devils will stick with interim coach Shaun Aguano for the rest of the season as the search for a new head coach begins, Anderson said.

“It's going to be a big difference. Like, it's the start of the season. It's better than mid-season, but the boys are going to have to go through a good amount of change for that,” said Bryce Bargowski, a freshman student.

Fans are left wondering how the rest of the season will go, however the fans ABC15 talked with remain hopeful as the team moves forward without Edwards.

“I think right now, we're just in a spot to where we need to be figuring out what type of team we are and what type of talent we need to be looking for,” said Isaac Hernandez, an ASU fan.