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Vaccine event helps hundreds of Sun City residents get vaccinated

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Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 10, 2021

SUN CITY, AZ — It didn’t matter how they arrived or what they were driving. More than 500 people 55 and older who call Sun City home got their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at Sundial Recreation Center Wednesday.

“It made life just so much more convenient just to be able to walk up, get my shot, walk home,” said Judy Bordson.

That’s the whole reason Maricopa County partnered with Embry Health to put on the event.

“I’m 80 years old and I can’t drive down to any place else,” said one man.

“The rec center put out an email to all Sun City residents saying this was available. Got online, got an appointment, no problem, no issues,” said Jack McCormick.

It's a far cry from what many had been experiencing in their attempts to get an appointment through the state-run website. For Dawn Falk, getting the shot in her own community was essential.

“I mostly drive a golf cart, I have to stay in Sun City, it’s the rules,” said Falk.

“Here in Sun City, golf carts are a popular method of getting around, so we have a nice range of that. Yesterday we had a few bicycles, and of course we have people walking up on foot,” said worker Andrew Nelson. "That's why we wanted to make sure to put this event right in their neighborhood."

So many in these neighborhoods have seen loved ones lost or sickened by the virus. But each shot given out on this day, represents one more in our vulnerable community now protected.

At least for 80-year-old Gail Cunico, that means visits with family she's had to go too long without.

“My children and grandchildren are getting antsy,” said Cunico.

The event continues for the next few days with more than 3,500 Sun City residents expected to be vaccinated by the time it ends. At this point all appointments for the event are booked.