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State Farm Stadium experiencing long lines after multiple issues

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Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 21:17:34-04

GLENDALE, AZ — State health officials say they are experiencing long lines outside the largest vaccination site, citing multiple issues on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Health Services said on Tuesday that there were long lines as a result of a 2 p.m. shift change, a supply issue, and the heat.

In an email, a spokesperson wrote, “According to our folks at the site, it's mainly the result of the 2 p.m. shift change and should moderate once the incoming crew gets up to speed. They're staffed well. A lesser issue involves the vaccine supply chain between pharmacy and vaccination area -- short-term gap in supply that's been addressed.”

Along with those reasons, the state says heat was an issue today, “One other challenge mentioned is equipment in the heat. iPads have to be changed out frequently, adding a step to the process. That’s one reason for moving away from heat-of-the-day appointments and eventually moving SFS and every site indoors. Meanwhile, they are expanding the serpentine to get more traffic off the street.”

The state also said that they were fully staffed on Tuesday, and it was not an issue.

On Wednesday, the governor's office announced that additional workers are being added to meet the high demand at state-run COVID-19 vaccine sites. In a press release, Governor Ducey's office said the additional people will make sure that staffing needs are met during all shifts and shift changes.

People waiting in the line tell ABC15 reporter Nicole Grigg they have waited 45 minutes, and they’re still more than a half-mile away from the vaccine entrance. Many people in line also pointed out that there is no bathroom access at the location for those who are waiting for a long period of time.

Some have told ABC15 they have left because the lines were too long, but you have to get the shot within 24 hours of your appointment or you’ll be considered a "no show."

State Farm Stadium will be moving to overnight hours over the weekend because of the heat.

The hours will change to 5 p.m. - 9 a.m. until they find an indoor location.