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Father and son in Queen Creek soak up final football season together

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Posted at 3:34 PM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 21:38:49-04

QUEEN CREEK, AZ — There is no doubt that unbreakable bonds are formed on the gridiron, but at Queen Creek High School one bond extends far beyond the field.

“It’s been awesome, he’s pushed me to be the best player I could be, and he holds me to a higher standard,” said Griffen Shureman.

Senior Defensive End Griffin Shureman knows he’s going to be coached hard this year. It’s what he’s come to expect, especially considering the man in charge of this team, is his dad.

“I tell everyone I think one of my happiest days was when I came home and he was ten years old and he was watching ESPN on his own, I was like alright, we made it, here we go,” said Queen Creek High head football coach Travis Shureman.

Shureman says it dates back to the relationship sports helped shape between him and his own father. It's one that still has his dad Steve showing up on the sidelines.

“He coached me through little league and all those things, and so it was very special to me,” said Shureman.

While he did the same with his son, things got more serious in high school when as a sophomore, Griffin made the varsity football team.

“Starting as a sophomore, there were a lot of things, he had to hear a lot of questions, you're the coach's kid, that’s the only reason why you’re playing,” said coach Shureman.

Something he’s proved wrong with his play, but it’s how he shrugged off the criticism that impressed his coach the most.

“The way he handled that, that’s not easy, I wouldn’t want that for anybody,” said Shureman.

Let’s be real, it couldn’t have been easy having a competitive coach for your dad especially following a tough game.

“If we win it’s a good talk, if we lose, it’s not very good,” said Griffin as the two chuckled.

“That’s probably why we usually drive separately,” said coach Shureman with a laugh.

But win or lose, these two are soaking up this final year together, cherishing every conversation on the sideline and celebrating the good with the bad while trying to live in the moment, one game at a time. After all, it’s a time they’ll never get back.

“It’s been an honor, I’m grateful for the lessons he’s taught me as well,” said coach Shureman.

“It’s been awesome,” responded Griffin.