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Sister of fallen Chandler officer Chris Farrar hoping to keep Farrar's beloved car

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Posted at 7:00 PM, May 28, 2021

Chandler Police Officer Chris Farrar lost his life in the line of duty in April.

As his family tries to pick up the pieces, his sister is hoping to purchase something that made his life better: his personal car.

His sister, Angela Farrar, writes: Chris got this car after being in a dark place and put his workmanship and creativity into it.

This, she adds, was his "therapy on wheels."

She says, this is more than a car, but a symbol of all that he overcame, before losing his life.

On a GoFundMe page created by his sister Angela, she says:

"Chris bought this car Fall 2018 after his dark place battles within, which was a tremendous victory to overcome and I am extremely proud of him. Chris put his hard work and creativity into this car to make it HIM. It shows in the details with the precise workmanship outside, under the hood and even inside. It was also his therapy on wheels to help with his anxiety. As a cop he loved to drive, even on his personal time because it used a lot of his senses, which would help him cope with the anxiety. He spoke about this on the podcasts, Fight in Progress Ep. 11 and Badge Boys Ep. 90 where he told his story that inspired many all around the world. Chris was proud of his car, it was his talisman of how far he had come with growth, perseverance and dedication to be the man that he became spreading his light on others and the one that we all loved.

This car meant a lot to Chris. As his sister, seeing him grow and overcome his battles within, this car is special to me. It is more than a car, it is Chris through and through, how he overcame, he had risen above to shed light upon others... it’s his talisman."

If you would like to help this officer's family, click here.