Months after car crashes into north Phoenix home, damanged furniture not replaced

Posted at 9:04 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 01:26:42-04

Her bed sheets were lined with tire marks; that is how close one driver came to hitting a sleeping 80-year-old north Phoenix woman.

It all happened back on Jan. 24. Phoenix police told ABC15, the woman lost control but was being investigated for impairment.

"My life is quiet," Ruby Moore said. "And it's OK. I'm happy with it that way. Certainly happier than I would be with someone coming in with a car!'

Moore was sleeping on her sofa bed in the living room — drifting away to the glow of the television screen that January night when the car crashed into her home.

"I had a bruise," Moore said, holding up her right arm. "So, I must have been knocked out of the bed."

The bruise, amazingly, the only damage to Moore herself. It was her furniture that took the beating for her, including that sofa bed she slept nearly every night.

Now, nearly three months later, Moore is still dealing with the damage of her rude awakening that night.

Moore said she just wants her furniture replaced. She does not want any money for the medical issues or the traumatic shock or the fact that she was out of her home for weeks.

The problem, Moore said, now lies with SafeAuto insurance who has not returned calls or emails since February.

"So, here I am with my bed on the floor," Moore said. "I don't have a couch no more!"

Moore and her daughter, Tracy Triggs, showed us email correspondence that went cold.

"It's as if it didn't happen," Moore said. "Yet, I know it happened. I have no furniture!"

ABC15 reached out to Moore's specific claim representatives, as well as the company on Thursday afternoon. We have not received a response yet.

"I just want my things replaced that was taken when the young lady came in the house with me," Moore laughed "In the car!"

In the meantime, ABC15 has a surprise for Moore.

We decided to take action and gave American Furniture Warehouse a call and they're ready to donate a sofa bed!

Stay tuned for that on Friday.