Las Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson is the latest big name contributor to anti-pot effort

Posted at 5:15 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 21:16:48-04

An ABC15 analysis of state campaign finance data shows that millions of dollars continue to pour into Proposition 205, which would legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. 

Among those contributors -- Las Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson. The CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which includes properties such as The Venetian and The Palazzo, contributed $500,000 against the initiative on Oct. 20. 

Adelson could not be reached for comment Tuesday. 

Overall, more than $8.5 million has been spent both for and against Prop. 205 so far. 

The charts below show how much each side of Prop. 205 has received so far. NOTE -- contributions smaller than $10,000 from September 20 to today have not yet been published, likely making both totals higher.

  Total contributions up to 9/19/2016 Significant Contributions (9/20/2016-10/25/2016) Known Total So Far:
Opposition $1,854,017.93 $3,100,285 $4,954,302.93
Support $3,182,009.69 $629,000 $3,811,009.69

Besides Adelson's contribution, donations from Discount Tire and from across the construction industry are among the biggest recent anti-pot contributors. On the pro side, Scottsdale-based Holistic Patient Wellness Group contributed $250,000.