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Hash Kitchen's Mega Glitter Bomb Mimosa is the biggest mimosa in Arizona!

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Posted at 11:09 AM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 11:12:10-05

PHOENIX — The home of Arizona's original Bloody Mary bar (that also sells a flight of spiked snow cones) has another super-sized trick up its sleeve! Hash Kitchen wants to transform your glass into a mini swirling galaxy.

Introducing the Mega Glitter Bomb Mimosa — a shimmery two-handed mimosa that will WOW the biggest skeptic!

See just how big the biggest mimosa in all of Arizona is in the video above!

The Mega Glitter Bomb Mimosa certainly earned its name! An entire bottle of champagne almost fits in this massive 25-oz. flute. Choose from a variety of natural flavors that will also add color to your bubbly. The edible glitter added to the bottom of the glass harmonizes beautifully when the champagne is poured — maximizing the original hue! Drop in a handful of fresh fruit as a garnish and top the glass with full clouds of glittery cotton candy. Let us not forget the super-sized pinwheel straw!

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Hash Kitchen's Director of Operations Allison Gamberg wants to quell any possible worries about the sparkles. "The edible glitter is FDA approved from a company that specializes in making edible glitter. It is completely safe! Non-toxic and makes [the mimosa] look beautiful!"

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