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STADIUM FOOD! Are you up for the Arizona Cardinals' Gridiron Burger Challenge?

Posted: 4:05 PM, Aug 09, 2018
Updated: 2019-08-06 07:44:34-04
FOOD CHALLENGE! Cards sell giant Gridiron Burger
FOOD CHALLENGE! Cards sell giant Gridiron Burger

Are you up for the Arizona Cardinals' Gridiron Burger Challenge? Allow me to answer. You aren't. Here's why. This gargantuan snack attack is roughly the size of a side table. This is the maximum protein experience. You cannot lift this. Think of your strongest friend. They could not lift this. The two of you together could probably lift it, but your efforts would be futile as the layers would slowly cascade to the floor. This is optimal post-tailgating nourishment. 

Watch the video above to see this monstrous burger in action!

Let me walk you through the construction of this cheesy meat cake:

5x 1/3lb. Patty

5x Bratwurst

5x All-Beef Hot Dog

8x Chicken Tenders

20x American Cheese

12oz. of Fries

Tanker Sauce (BBQ Sauce + Mayo)




+ 8x BACON

On a 10in. Bun.

7 POUNDS. YOU GET 1 HOUR. Oh, it's also $75 to participate. No, you may not use your friends as a lifeline. This is a solo mission. If...and that is a major finish within the time limit, your rewards are a Cardinals jersey and your face will go up on the scoreboard! Worthy challengers will find their competition in Section 102. Make sure you enter the stadium at least an hour prior to kickoff. You want to make sure you have enough time to get back to your seat before missing any of the action. 

Now, allow me to ask you again. Are you ready for the Cards' Gridiron Burger Challenge? Your jaw should hurt just thinking about it. 

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