Anthem woman finalist for $10K a month job to travel the world in luxury

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 01:50:11-04

A valley woman is a semi-finalist for a job that does not even seem real. It is for a luxury travel club where they would pay her to stay in the most lavish multi-million dollar vacation homes.

"They have 87 countries and they have almost 9,000 homes," explained Allison Clay. "So, you can imagine the kinds of adventures and experiences that I'm going to have when I win!"

The Anthem resident is confident she has the edge after becoming a semi-finalist for a gig with more than 17,000 applicants.

Clay wears a lot of different hats, but her job now is a life and business coach. She is also a TV spokesperson, so you may have spotted her on Sonoran Living before.

But, the new job she wants would be with a company called THIRDHOME. They posted the job description for 'the best job on the planet' on Facebook asking that applicants have excellent writing skills, a passport and "must have the ability to understand and appreciate luxury and share your experiences with the world via blogging and vlogging along with other social media outlets."

"I actually have my suitcase out — I'm not kidding," Clay said. "I put my passport in it. I've started putting things in it. It's that power of attention. I'm ready to go!"

The company is described as the "Airbnb for millionaires."

"If they own a second home, they put it into the inventory," Clay explained. "And you can take out of it and stay in people's homes all over the world."

THIRDHOME is looking for someone who can be their brand ambassador and show off their homes and the experiences you can have around them.

"I'm willing to leave Phoenix,"Clay laughed. "It's for three months, so each week, we'll be in a new home. So, 12 new homes."

Each month, if Allison were selected, she would get a $10,000 salary, plus they would compensate her for travel expenses. Clay would be allowed to bring a guest and their living accommodations would be covered. However, they would not cover travel expenses for the guest.

"People spend so much time online, but how often do they actually get out and do things," Allison asked. "So, if I can create a piece of video or write something that inspires someone to go out and have an adventure, then I think that's amazing."

The application is now closed and Clay will find out if she made it to the final round on May 9.