Extreme heat putting AC techs to work

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 22:40:06-04

The heat is on...and so are the phones for cooling contractors across the Valley.

Terry Church from Forrest Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning said his crew is anticipating an influx of service calls because of the extreme heat. Church said his 24-hour business will likely be busy around the clock this weekend, with forecast highs at 110 degrees or more.  

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One problem he sees often is air conditioner coils freezing because of plugged filters.

"We see it an awful lot.  We encourage our customers to clean the filter on a monthly basis and all too often that doesn't happen and nobody thinks about it until the system doesn't work," Church said.

Church also suggests making sure there is nothing obstructing the airflow of both the compressor-condenser outside or the evaporator coil inside your house.

Plumbing may also become a problem when temps climb high. Plastic pipes exposed to the sun can become brittle and crack. Underground pipes can also be a hot weather casualty.

"I would say weekly we run into some type of sewer line that has roots in it," Brian McQuistion from Plumbing Masters said. "The reason they grow to it is because they need water in this climate and they will crush the pipe and get inside."

McQuistion suggests homeowners inspect their outdoor pipes and hoses for cracks to prevent flooding or call a technician to do an inspection for them.