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Testing the Sticky Buddy: a reusable lint roller 'with the power of glue without the goo'!

Posted at 6:58 AM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 08:58:28-05

The claim is that it's a sticky roller with the power of glue without the goo. Well, we will see about that! We tested the Sticky Buddy to see if it actually works!

In the infomercial, they basically say this product can pick up dog hair, cat hair, spouse hair, mouse hair, cookie crumbs, kitty litter, bird seeds, lint, just about everything!

It's reusable. They show that all you have to do it use it, rinse it in water to get the debris off, dry it on a lint-free towel and start all over again.

We tried it on pretzel crumbs, and it didn't pick up very much on the counter. We even tried putting them on the carpet, but the roller only grabbed the small grains, not the bigger crumbs.

We tried it on human hair, cat hair and lint on a jacket. There was still a lot of lint left on the coat.

Washing it was way more difficult than the infomercial lead on. We tried just dipping it in a clear bowl of water for everything to wash off, but that didn't work. We had to put the Sticky Buddy under the faucet and scrub with our hands to wipe it off completely. When drying it, some of the water got into the creases of the roller and would leak out before using it again.

In the infomercial, they show the Sticky Buddy picking up coins with ease. When we tried it, several coins were picked up, but several others were just pushed across the counter.

The claim also includes that the rubber bristles on the Sticky Buddy can both be used as a brush for your pets and a pet hair picker upper. We tried that on a pet dog, and it did work. The dog seemed to like it too. Those rubber fingers are supposed to be able to get into deep surfaces as well.

There are pros and cons to this product. The pros are that it's reusable, and can save you time and money. The cons are that it was not as efficient as the infomercial showed, and washing it was way more difficult than it described.

So, where does it rank on our "Bull or No Bull Meter"? Depending on what you're using it for, we will let you decide. Let us know what you think on our Smart Shopper 15 Facebook page.

Click here to watch the infomercial. 

You can buy one on Amazon for $6.79, and Amazon Prime members get free shipping. 

According to the description, it is safe on all kinds of fabric, from suede to silk, and can be used to clean your comforters, cushions, curtains and virtually any other surface.