Target gift cards are discounted this Sunday in a once-a-year promotion!

Have a big Target purchase planned? Hold up!

This Sunday, December 3, Target GiftCards are 10 percent off.  

I'm no math genius, but here's what that means: Buy a $300 gift card for $270! Gift cards can then be used starting on Monday, December 4.

Did you happen to score one of those Target 20-percent off a storewide purchase coupons on Black Friday? Stack that baby with your gift card between December 4 and 10 and save even more!  That's $300 worth of Target goodies for $210.

You can buy the gift card online or in the store. But the discounted cards will be sold on Sunday only!  The minimum gift card purchase is $10, maximum is $300. The discount is not available on Target Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards.

Be sure to read the fine print!

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