Parents and students, try an estate auction to get the things you want and need!

Posted at 9:54 AM, Jul 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 21:45:42-04

If you're back-to-school shopping for college or looking for items you want and need for your house, try an estate auction!

Any parent who's been through the process of having a child move out of the house and into a college dorm room knows the endless shopping list includes items like desk lamps, microwaves, laundry baskets, clothes hangers and more. Most buy these items new and then toss them after a few years. 

Instead, save some money and pick up gently used items from an estate auction, where you'll find all kinds of hidden treasures for students and parents.


We met Rowlan Hill, owner and auctioneer with Blue Leaf Estate Auctions. There are many reasons why people want to have an estate auction. For example, Hill explained that some parents become empty nesters, others want to downsize, or had someone close to them pass away. He mentioned that his team can also help clients with the emotional distress of letting go of some of the items they've kept for years, but no longer need. 

Hill and his team handle everything from the first visit with the homeowner or family, to cataloging each item, to marketing, through the event itself. Hill is the auctioneer and settles with the buyers and sellers.


From a buyer's perspective, Hill tells us you'll save about $.30 on the dollar. Some of the steals buyers make get valued for even higher after the fact, which is a benefit to the buyer. From a seller's perspective, Hill understands that certain treasures hold value too. He also told us about past auctions where vintage items went for thousands more than the seller anticipated, putting more money into the pocket of the seller. Hill thrives on finding all the treasures.

If you want to check one out to see how it all works, click here to view the schedule of upcoming estate auctions. 


On Hill's website, you'll find 6 Reasons Why Estate Auctions are BETTER:

  1. Everything is SOLD in 1 DAY
  2. No hidden transactions
  3. No price guessing
  4. No minimum bid ("no reserve")
  5. Easy payments
  6. It's fun!

Click here or here to see the action on their Facebook pages.