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Grocery deals to get you ready for Cinco de Mayo, graduation and more!

Posted at 8:21 AM, May 01, 2018

Let's break down the highlight reel of grocery deals by using parts of the food pyramid!

In no particular order, let's start with:


At Safeway, they're helping you prepare for Cinco de Mayo guacamole! Get Hass avocados for $.49 each! There's a limit of four. Otherwise, the deal is four for five bucks! Tomatoes, onions are carrots are in season right now, and the prices are reflecting it! At Fry's, Roma tomatoes are $.99 per pound. Bashas' has a better deal though. It's $.88 per pound for Hot House Tomatoes on the vine or Vadalia onions. Bashas' also has a buy-one, get-one-free deal on Dole Salad Blends. Food City has the best deals! Go during the three-day sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Get four Hass avocados for $1. There's a limit of 8 at that price. All week, you can also score three pounds of brown onions for $.99, three pounds of carrots for $.99 and two pounds of large tomatoes or Jalapeno peppers for $.98. 


Let's start with good prices and work to the best! At Albertsons, it's $1.19 for Sanderson Farms Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters. Food City has $.99 per pound for chicken drumsticks or thighs. During the three-day sale at Food City, it's $.97 per pound for pork brisket ribs. The best price though is at Safeway. It's $.89 per pound for Sanderson Farms Whole Chicken, Thighs, Drumsticks or Leg Quarters. 


Lighten things up with fruit! At Albertsons, pay $.77 each for 16 ounces of strawberries. Otherwise, it's two for $6. In the Clip or Click coupon section, you'll see a deal for two mangoes for $1. It's one cent cheaper at Safeway! Get two honey mangoes for $.99. You can also score a Jumbo Cantaloupe for $.88 each for the first two. The normal price is $2.99 each. Pay $.88 for a Whole Pineapple at Albertsons. Fry's also has the same deals on pineapples and strawberries. At Food City, on Wednesday only, score three pounds of bananas for $.99.


In the Albertsons Clip or Click coupon section, you can score three different yogurts for $.77 each. There is a limit of 12 at that price. You can also pay $1.77 for Large Lucerne Eggs. They're normally $2.19 each. Bashas' has a better deal on eggs though. Get two Hickman's Farm Fresh Large Eggs for $3. Safeway has a deal on a Lucerne gallon of milk and almond milk for $1.99 each. The normal price is $2.39.


We had to save the sweets for last! In the Albertsons Clip or Click coupon section, pay $1.49 each on cereal, protein bars and fruit snacks. There is a limit of four. You can also mix and match Gatorade drinks, Chews and Propel Fitness Water. It's $.68 each when you buy six. At Safeway, get 32-ounce Powerade for $.58 each when you buy six. Food City has the best deal on drinks. Get two 32-ounce Gatorade for $1. There's a limit of 10 during the three-day sale. This is a big month for graduations too! At Bashas', use the "Congrats Class of 2018" coupon for $5 off any graduation sheet cake. 


Senior Discount Days are Wednesday, offering 10% off. Fry's has a D-Backs Rewards Program right now. Buy items with D-Backs tags, earn points, and redeem for apparel, game tickets and more.