Buying college textbooks? Here's how to find the best prices

Posted at 4:26 AM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 11:12:04-04
College tuition isn't the only thing getting more expensive these days — the price of books has increased too! That's why many people rent books instead of buying them.  But which sites are going to save you the most cash?
We compared book prices at Amazon Textbook Rental, and the Sun Devil Campus Store.  
For example, you can rent Spacetime and Geometry for a full semester for $128.49 on Head to the Sun Devil Campus Store and rent the book for a fraction of that price at $63.50. Spend about 10 dollars more to buy the book at Amazon. It's a higher price, but you have the potential to make a little cash by selling the book when you're done!
This book, A History of World Societies Volume 2: Since 1450 10th edition, will cost you $33.49 to rent at, Amazon is a little cheaper to rent at $32.79. The Sun Devil Campus Store charges the most at $59.50.
Don't read too much into that price, because the Sun Devil Campus Store will match that deal!
Whether you're renting or buying, use book comparison sites like to find the lowest price, then price match at the Sun Devil Campus Store if you can.