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"Bull or No Bull?" We're testing 'Arctic Air' to see if it can cool down your place for less!

Posted at 6:38 AM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 13:01:51-04

It's no secret...for the next few months, the air isn't getting any cooler OUTSIDE, but do you really have to double your electricity bill to get it cool INSIDE? We're testing out a product to see if it can help, "Bull or No Bull" style! 

"Introducing Arctic Air, the personal space cooler that turns hot spaces into cool, refreshing places." 

I'll be the judge of that. 

The claim is that it's simple. Just add water, press the power button, and enjoy the cool breeze. Plus, it doubles as a nightlight with eight color cycle options. 

The first test was at a desk at work. We turned the 'Arctic Air' on high speed. I felt an immediate chill. So, to compare, we put a small fan in the same place. There was definitely a stronger breeze, but it wasn't as cold as the 'Arctic Air'. To elaborate, the highest power of the 'Arctic Air' felt like the lowest power of a small fan. Plus, 'Arctic Air' felt slightly humid. 

Then, we took the temperature of a small bedroom before bed. It was about 82 degrees. We placed the 'Arctic Air' and checked several times within seven hours, but the thermal reading never changed. 

When we moved the device to a nightstand, about two feet away, we could finally feel some cool air. But, when the water ran out, it felt the same as a very small fan.

Going through the instruction manual, you have to continue to refill the cube with water and maintain the filters in the device, cleaning them after every use to prevent mold. 

We bought it at Walmart for $39.88. 

So, where does the 'Arctic Air' rank on our "Bull or No Bull Meter?" I'm going with...BULL!

Although it did chill the air at very close distances, you could get a small fan for less than $20 that will help you and your room cool down for less.