Police looking for group of teens that broke into several Peoria cars

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 22:35:59-04

It was quietly chaotic in a Peoria neighborhood on Wednesday as a surveillance camera captured a handful of what appear to be teenagers attempting to break-in to every car on the street.

"And the doors opened and all the kids just... spread out," Charlotte Frye said.

Frye and her husband, Alan Leffler caught the whole bizarre spree on their three surveillance cameras, then posted them online.

"More people are coming forward and saying, 'Yeah, my car got broken into' and things are being stolen," Frye said.

The video shows two cars driving slowly down their street near Deer Valley Road and Lake Pleasant Parkway. There are people hanging out of those cars, while others ran to each car on the street and in drive-ways - trying the doors to see if they could get in.

"Some of them went that way," Frye pointed. "They went to... each different house. There were a bunch of them!"

Frye said she believed there were at least 10 of them and she thinks they were all teenagers.

"We live in a really nice neighborhood," Frye said. "Nothing ever happens here, which is why when stuff like this happens, you're like 'What?'"

The Peoria Police Department said there were 5 cars that were successfully hit by the crooks. One truck was also stolen. Police believe all of these cases are connected and are looking for the public for tips on who these people are.