Goodyear offering break to bring in restaurants, entertainment

Posted at 6:01 AM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 10:18:50-04

Goodyear is offering a big break to businesses in hopes of becoming the next west Valley entertainment destination.

"It's really to accelerate that activity that our residents want to see so much," said Michelle Lawrie, Goodyear’s economic development director.

The city approved an impact fee reduction incentive program which cuts the start-up costs for new businesses to move in. The program runs through June 2019 and, to qualify, businesses must be 5,500 square-feet or larger and designated for retail or entertainment.

Stoplights and other infrastructure are already in place near the Harkins Theatres at Estrella Falls, near McDowell Road and Ballard Avenue. Lawrie told ABC15 that area is where they are hoping to focus much of their effort.

The city surveyed residents about what retailers they would like most. The top 10?

1.Trader Joe’s

2.Whole Foods / Sprouts

3. Costco

4. Trendy Concept Restaurant

5. Trendy Fast Casual Restaurant

6. Top Golf

7. Bowling / Game Center

8. Upscale Steak House

9. Chicago Based Eateries

10. Familiar Chain Restaurant