Teachers, staff at Jesse Wilson's school take action to keep search going for missing boy

Posted at 7:29 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 07:07:32-04

His desk sits empty at Bradley Academy, but school officials are sharing their hope that 10-year-old Jesse Wilson, of Buckeye, will use that desk again when school starts in just a few weeks.

Jesse was last seen more than one week ago, but teachers and staff did not waste a moment before diving in to help search for the missing boy. Many told ABC15 that Jesse is a student who they cannot imagine starting the school year without.

For special education teacher Susan Danahy, keeping busy has kept her going-- focused on the boy with the infectious smile. 

"It's made it a really comforting experience and a bonding experience for us and with the family," Danahy said.

"Jesse had an impact on every person on that campus and he was known for giving everyone a hug - stopping by to say 'Hello' to everyone throughout the halls. So, each teacher had a different story," Danahy said.

Those on campus still plan on gathering new stories to share when Jesse comes home. 

"We have him enrolled, so he better show-up," Principal Harold Cadiz said. 

The staff has been doing what they can to keep the word out there, but Cadiz is convinced their job is not done.

"Close members are not aware of this and I'm surprised, but then again - we need to do more and more and tell more people," Cadiz explained. 

And that job goes beyond wishful thinking.

"I think it's more than hope. We're going to continue to take action," Danahy said. "Whether it's riding the bus to hand out flyers, knocking on doors, talking to every person that will listen to us that Jesse is still missing... Every day is going to be an action-filled day, not just a hopeful day." 

Staff at Bradley Academy are planning another community event on Saturday. 

Anyone with information on Jesse’s whereabouts it urged to call the Buckeye police tip line at 623-349-6411 or email