State Farm hiring for new headquarters in Tempe

Posted at 6:56 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 20:56:14-05

Look out just about any window at the new Marina Heights office complex in Tempe, and you'll probably like what you see. The building was open for a media tour for the first time on Tuesday.

"I even travel to my recruiting events with a poster of Marina Heights," said Deanne Prigmore, recruiter for State Farm.

Prigmore says Tempe's amenities make her job easy. 

"Being able to have access to the lake, folks can go paddle boarding, they can go canoeing. (It’s great) having downtown Tempe in the backyard, being able to take advantage of the small town feel," Prigmore said.

State Farm offices will take up most of the 20-acre site. It's one-stop shopping for workers who are looking to advance in the company. It's also ideal for some because the university is nearby.

"It's a great opportunity for our employees, not only for those who may want to go back to school and be close to the campus, but also for us to offer those opportunities to students who are graduating from ASU or maybe even going to school part-time," said Carrie Humphreys, a manager at State Farm.

A company spokesperson said the university, public transportation, Mill Avenue entertainment and the family friendly residential area were all reasons for choosing the site by Tempe Town Lake. Coffee shops and other retail will be on the bottom floor.

"Being able to tell that story about how it will be open to the public on the ground level and having that live, work, play environment is very appealing," said Prigmore.

State Farm is still hiring up to 1000 new workers in sales, claims, customer service an IT. 

The company hopes to have the positions filled by next summer. To apply for a job, visit their website.