Arizona employers look at job seekers' profiles, could backfire for some

Posted at 7:19 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 21:19:14-05

There is no doubt they are dominating your Facebook feed right now: opinions.

Most of us are told that the First Amendment allows us to express those. But, legal experts are warning that a post, a click, can cost you your job.

"Employers have a lot of leeway; a lot are free to choose who they want to bring into their place of establishment," Zachary Kramer said.

Kramer is a Professor of Law and the Associate Dean of Faculty for Arizona State University. He said, political posts are not protected by law and in Arizona those types of posts are legal grounds to fire you, or choose not to hire you.

"Employers are increasingly looking to everything to try and get as much information as possible," Kramer explained. "So, it's only going to happen more."

Mesa resident Krystal Gilliam uses social media as a way to voice her opinion, as many people do. She said she had no idea her job prospects could fade if her Facebook posts stay online.

"It's really shocking to find out that you... you lose your rights as soon as you get employed," Gilliam said.

The realization is very frustrating for her, but she is hoping to help educate others about what could happen.

"It's definitely something that is an eye-opener," Kramer said. "And definitely something that needs to be shown to people."

Kramer suggests to either keep your opinions offline or put that profile on lockdown.

"You should definitely be spending some time with privacy setting of your social media," Kramer urged.