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Survivor of New Mexico Greyhound bus crash speaks to ABC15

Posted at 10:23 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 01:23:27-04

Survivors of the New Mexico Greyhound bus crash are still recovering in the hospital Tuesday night. Others are trying to settle into their lives in the Valley.

"I didn’t think it would bother me like it does, but it [does]," said Josh Jones.

The worst moment of Josh Jones' life is on replay in his mind.

"I wake up in the middle of the night hearing that screeching in the tires. I hear the screams," Jones said.

The screams are those of fellow survivors and the memories of those that did not make it to the hospital.

"Great people...the people I met on the bus that are dead now. It’s just sad," Jones said, fighting back tears.

Jones first told ABC15 about the horrific crash in Gallup, New Mexico.

"As soon as we hit, I went over the seat," Jones said outside a Gallup hotel, just hours after leaving the hospital.

Over the weekend, Jones arrived in Mesa, where his dad lives, still wearing the same clothes.

"All my possessions, my bag, my $1200, my phone, my ID. Everything is still on the bus," he said.

All the survivors are the same boat and staying in touch.

"Everybody on the bus that I know has filed lawsuits. I finally filed one today," Jones said. "I just want it for pain and suffering, and my medical bills."

The recovery process, physically and mentally will be long.

"I’ve got to get some counseling or some kind of something."

Right now, Jones is at a motel funded by the Red Cross, with a newfound faith and appreciation for life.

"I’m starting to get back into the Bible again," he said. "I realize that life is so short and it can be taken away that fast."

Josh said many survivors are upset with Greyhound. He claims the bus company told a surviving passenger they would be provided a meal in Phoenix and an Uber ride to their place in Phoenix, which he said never happened.

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Jones also said the California-bound survivors were forced to board a different regularly scheduled bus to Los Angeles, instead of being taken directly there on a private bus.

In a statement from Greyhound, a spokesperson said, "As you can imagine, Thursday’s incident was distressing for both our passengers and our team. While we are not aware of any specific promises made, we worked diligently to assist our customers by providing food, alternative travel schedules, rideshare services and hotel accommodations in accordance with their needs. While we believe we made every effort to care for our customers, we are sensitive to the concerns of all those affected and their families as their feelings are paramount. If the passenger is willing, we would like to connect with them in order to gain a better understanding of how we could have further assisted."