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Man helps pregnant woman, others off Greyhound bus after crash in New Mexico

Posted at 6:24 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-01 20:19:34-04

The deadly Greyhound bus and semi accident in New Mexico has left dozens injured and eight people dead.

Survivors are slowly coming to grips with the loss, but they also have reflected on moments of hope.

"I was watching out the window with my headphones on," said Robert Ward, who was a passenger on the bus.

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He saw the semi coming.

"[It] came up on one side set of wheels, swerved into our lane and just hit us dead on," he said.

In an instant, there was chaos and carnage.

"I saw people just spitting blood everywhere, screaming," said Ward.

His leg was injured, but his adrenaline kicked in.

"I carried a pregnant woman through the window. I carried eight people off the bus, some of them are a little heavier than me. It wasn’t easy," he said.

Minutes later, paramedics arrived and Ward began livestreaming on Facebook.

"Thank God I got the kids off the bus safe, there were so many kids hurt on the bus," he said, while frantically filming the scene on his phone.

He saved even more children than he realized. The pregnant woman he rescued gave birth hours after the accident in the nearby hospital.

"She gave birth around one or two in the morning. One boy and one girl. They are two months premature but they’re actually fairly healthy," said Ward.

The newborn's father visited the family's hero in the same hospital.

"He came downstairs gave me like four or five hugs," said Ward, talking about the reunion with the pregnant woman's husband.

Amidst the most horrific moments of their lives, people were rising to their best. 

Josh Jones saw Robert and other's courage firsthand while lying in the wreckage.

"The firefighters here, the police officers, they’ve been nothing but the greatest people," said Jones.

The reality that eight people died on their bus will always be there for Josh and Robert, but so will the moments of bravery and sacrifice.