Mom: Daughter left Chandler Walmart covered in bed bug bites after buying pillow

Posted at 5:16 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 21:51:39-04

One Valley mother took to social media to share some images of her daughter's leg - covered in what she believes are bed bug bites. 

But, they did not come from tucking her daughter in at night.

Chandler resident Sarah Gindro said this all happened after she went shopping at a local Walmart. 

Gindro has a 6-year-old daughter and she is not shy about admitting how that little girl runs the show in their family. 

"I'm a sucker," Gindro laughed. "She's going to get whatever she wants anyway." 

So, when she asked for a new pillow while shopping at the Walmart near the Loop 101 and Chandler Boulevard, Gindro said, yes. 

"We went down the aisle and she saw this long one, zebra-colored - but, rainbow-colored, and so she said, That's the one that I want,' so we got it," Gindro explained. 

But, the excitement of the purchase started to fade as Gindro made her way down the aisles. 

"She said, 'Mom, my leg itches,' Gindoro recalled. "I didn't think nothing of it - didn't pay no attention. I was like, 'whatever' and continued on about our way."

It was not until they made it to the register that the complaints got stronger from her daughter.

"And I looked down and she was covered in bites and I freaked out," she said. 

Gindro said, she immediately went to customer service, telling them what happened and returning the pillow. 

"So, he looked at her legs and he's like 'Oh my God' I said, 'So, here you go.' and he put it back on my card and that's all he really said," Gindro explained. 

Walmart did issue a statement to ABC15 saying, "We take this seriously and want to thank Ms. Gindro for bringing it to our attention. As soon as our managers found out, they called in a team to inspect the store."

Gindro said she does not want to blame Walmart, she just wants people to be aware of any items not in packaging. 

"None of the things in the aisle were covered, so that means if it's on that who knows what else it could have been on," Gindro said.