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How to spot problem trees during Monsoon storms

Posted at 7:19 PM, Aug 29, 2018

We see it every Monsoon, toppled trees. Some blocking roads while others damaging property. But could some of this be prevented?

A local landscaper says, yes. Chris Finnesy, who owns Finnesy Landscape and works on popular retail centers in the Valley says it starts with watering the tree the right way. He says most people install a drip system close to the trunk of the tree and never move it.

Chris says as the trees ages, expand the drip system, even doing deep watering so the roots expand away from the tree and hold it in place.

"You just need to move that root ball further and further out and go deeper and deeper and deeper so you get a good established base and these trees won't blow over so easy," says Finnesy.

Another tip, pruning every year. It allows the wind to blow through the tree. If it's top heavy, it'll likely come down. "The key out here is preventative," says Finnesy.