Chandler reactivates 2 photo enforcement cameras, 9 now stationed around city

Posted at 3:07 PM, Sep 30, 2016

Starting Saturday, you will need to "say cheese" or slow down in Chandler with more photo enforcement cameras operating at more intersections.

Crews were working at two locations on Friday to re-activate the equipment.

The first camera is stationed at Alma School and Queen Creek roads. The other is at Rural and Ray roads.

See a map of photo enforcement cameras around the Valley below.

People who live and work in the Chandler area already have seven other intersections that conduct photo enforcement. Those ABC15 talked to on Friday admit, they are not sure exactly how they feel about it. Including Sara Wilson, who says she is embarrassed to reveal how she got her first and only photo enforcement ticket.

"I was dancing," Wilson laughed. "I was jamming to some good old songs."

Despite her $250 fine, she believes the cameras are more beneficial than they are harmful.

"I mean, do I want to pay it? No," Wilson said, "But, did I do it? Yeah."

A majority of other people in the area said, they are feeling the same way -- as if it is something they just have to continue getting used to. They also hope it contributes to keeping drivers safer.

"I think it makes [people] more aware," said David Bacon. "Makes it less likely to kind of cheat the edge."

"If they have a deterrent for people to run the red lights,, then it's a good idea," said Jean Dietz. "If it's just for revenue producing, then no."

But, for Wilson - if someone is going to speed or run a red light, she is not sure the flash of the camera will make the biggest difference.

"I have to be as safe as I can to prevent things from happening, but people are going to do what they are going to do," Wilson said.

Starting October 1, the photo-enforcement will begin issuing violations. However, for the first 30 days, they will be warnings.

Starting October 31, the two intersections will be fully-operational, along with the other seven intersections, which have been working since June of this year.