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Chandler man's political signs and satire rapidly winning over voters

Tyler Watson signs
Posted at 2:31 PM, Aug 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 11:59:52-04

CHANDLER, AZ — They are everywhere you look... political signs showcasing election candidates and their slogans across the Valley.

One particular sign in south Chandler certainly stands out and is getting attention.

“I think it’s a nod to how cliche they are,” said Tyler Watson.

Tyler Watson isn’t running for office, but his signs and satire have become a local favorite. The gag that was originally for his friends, now taking on a life of its own.

“In my head, I was thinking what if my friends just randomly saw me on the side of the road and just thought it’d be super funny,” said Watson. “There’s so many different signs too, it’s not like the same people, you see so many different ones so I figure why can’t I sprinkle myself in the mix."

It all started with the one posted at the intersection of Ocotillo and McQueen.

It reads, Tyler Watson is crossing his arms, with an image of just that.

Once a photo of it hit the internet, it was a feeding frenzy of folks looking to soften the mood during a divisive political season.

“There’s me with thumbs up that says Tyler Watson has two thumbs, there’s one that’s me waiving that says Tyler Watson is in my front yard,” said Watson.

Requests for the signs soon began to pour in.

That’s when Tyler realized how to turn this lighthearted moment into something more impactful.

“Well, if people are going to buy them why can’t I just raise money for charity, so everything beyond the expense of making it and distributing it is going straight to Saint Jude,” said Watson.

So far, he’s sold more than 120 signs in the past two weeks.

Folks are thrilled when he shows up to drop them off himself, often posing for pictures with him.

Each one is ready to join in on the political parody but also hopeful that politicians themselves find a way to focus on what matters.

“It’s just out of control, I mean it’s just slander, it’s just bashing not really what do you stand for, like what are you doing for us as the voters,” said one woman who bought a sign.

Soon, the signs will disappear but for Tyler, his bipartisan campaign for a good chuckle certainly checked the boxes for plenty of voters.

“If I can’t do this in a couple years then that means America’s probably in a much better spot,” said Watson.

Interested in purchasing a sign? Click here.