Valley man says dog was held for $2,000 ransom; dog home after turning to social media for help

Posted at 7:30 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 16:34:43-04
A Valley man was reunited with his beloved dog on Tuesday morning after she was taken and held for ransom for more than a month.

Thanks to ABC 15 viewers, police were able to locate the dog and bring him home.

Someone reportedly recognized the dog and alerted authorities and ABC15 about her potential whereabouts. As it turns out, the suspicions were correct and the dog was given back to her rightful owners.
Original story:
"You see over there, I still have her stuff," Chris Noland said as he pointed across his Phoenix apartment. 
Toys, a blanket, fresh food and water are still sitting out.
"I'm just waiting for her to come home," Noland said. 
He hasn't held his dog "Beautiful" in more than a month. Noland has only seen pictures -- ones he said were taken by the people who stole her. 
"You know, I can just tell by looking at her that she's nervous and stressed," Noland said as he stared at the photo on his phone. 
Noland explains that he let his black Staffordshire Terrier Mix out to go to the bathroom back in July, just like he does every night. Except, this time, she did not come back inside. 
"It's common that people are, will take people's dogs and try to sell them for money," Noland explained. "I mean, it's kind of sad the society we live in now that people will try to take anything to get a dollar."
The thieves have Noland's cell phone number somehow - either they are people he knows or they tracked it on the dog's collar. 
"I started receiving these text messages with like spoof numbers that hide your number," Noland explained. "The people texting said they weren't going to give the dog back."
Noland said he contacted police but without a solid number for officers to track, there was not much the department could do. So, Noland decided to take a different approach. 
"I turned to social media...made a Facebook page," Noland said.
He is hoping that any animal lover in Phoenix will try and keep an eye out for his little best friend. 
"It's like a piece of your heart is not there," Noland said with tears in his eyes. "The worst part about it is her wondering where I am." 
Noland tells ABC15 he is not looking to charge anyone with a crime. He just wants his dog back home where her stuff is still untouched.