College project turns into record label for Arizona-based band 'Go Ask Alice'

Posted at 10:43 PM, May 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 13:39:24-04

"It's still kind of surreal."

And you'd probably feel the same way if you just inked a deal with a major record label!

Meet "Go Ask Alice." These six guys, all from Arizona, are about to release their debut album, a brand new music video, and take over the world. Just don't call them a boy band!

"It's OK being pretty boys in metal," they said.

But these guys also have the talent. They describe their sound as "heavy new metal" and hope in a few years to be just as famous as some other big names like Linkin Park.

The group's chemistry is undeniable. To think, in large part, it all started as an assignment at Central Arizona College.

Two of the founding members had already decided they wanted to form a band but ended up taking Dan Bush's class at CAC which helped them fine tune the rest.

"The goal of the class is to form a band and to be able to get along as a group and to make music whether it's covers or originals as a group and to perform them," Bush said.

We'd say they nailed the project.

"This room is where they came together and started in a sense, but they did all the work and I can't take credit for that," Bush said.  "If anyone deserves it, it's these guys. They've worked hard to get this far."

The debut album for Go Ask Alice will be released July 28. For more information, follow them on social media.