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General McGuire leaning on leadership history as primary election approaches

Retired Maj. Gen. Michael "Mick" McGuire
Posted at 4:08 PM, Jul 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-26 22:03:01-04

PHOENIX — Mick McGuire has held many titles, US Air Force combat pilot, general of the Arizona National Guard, and now the fourth-generation Arizonan is hoping to add another... United States senator.

“An Army without hope is a defeated army,” said McGuire.

It’s a mentality he’s taking as polls continue to show an uphill battle leading to the Republican Primary on August 2nd.

McGuire is competing in a crowded field of Republican senate hopefuls that includes Blake Masters, Jim Lamon, Mark Brnovich, and Justin Olson. But with a large swath of independent voters still on the table, McGuire is banking on his record.

“One thing that I am different than any other candidate in this race is the most proven, trusted, confident leader,” said McGuire.

The retired Major General was front and center during the pandemic by leading the Arizona National Guard's effort to stock shelves, delivering PPE, medical supplies and logistical expertise and manpower to communities across the state.

He says the state and its people are now facing an extremely uncertain future.

“The price of fuel, the price of pharmaceuticals, the price of food, and the price of rent, is overwhelming them,” said McGuire. “I’ve had a dozen or so seniors on fixed incomes, come up to me while I’ve been out campaigning, telling me they weren’t going to be able to pay their bills next month. “

He says that pain is a direct result of shortsightedness by our leaders across the board.

“The policies of cutting off access to natural resources and oil, making us more and more dependent on Chinese goods, not rotating manufacturing capability back here has been crippling,” said McGuire.

Then there’s what he describes as a complete failure by the federal government to adequately protect the border.

“It is affecting our communities horrifically,” said McGuire who has spent an abundant time at the border during his time with the National Guard.

He says one of his first measures would be restoring federal funding to get the job done including finishing the border wall and stationing thousands of Arizona National Guard soldiers back at the border.

“You can get the 6 billion dollars you need to reactivate those guardsmen, get the helicopters back in the air that President Obama parked in 2014 and build and complete all of the construction projects,” said McGuire.

But with the powerful Trump endorsement going to an opponent, can he pull out a victory despite spending a fraction of his rivals?

“I was happy, honestly, when he made the endorsement of Masters he said Lamon and Brnovich will only let you down, well by process of exclusion then I guess I’m the alternative choice for all of them,” said McGuire.

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