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Ahead of the primary, Hobbs looking forward to the general election

Posted at 10:38 PM, Aug 01, 2022

PHOENIX — In the democratic race for Arizona Governor, Katie Hobbs is facing the former Nogales Mayor Marco Lopez.

The two were invited for a debate last month but only Lopez showed up, Hobbs' campaign saying she was out talking to voters that day.

ABC15 followed up to asked her why she skipped the debate that day and heard her policies on key issues leading up to Tuesday’s primary.

“I am 100% focused on the general election and doing what I need to win in November,” said Hobbs.

Speaking one-on-one with Hobbs just two days before the primary, Katie Hobbs says she isn't thinking about Tuesday as much as she’s focused on November's general election.

"I am confident in my ability to win over Kari Lake or Karrin Taylor Robson,” she said.

Her work as a social worker where she advocated for domestic violence victims led her into politics. She was once an Arizona House Representative then minority leader in the Senate.

Hobbs is currently the Secretary of State.

While at the helm, she's faced multiple election audits aimed at contesting the 2020 election results and threats aimed at her office and her family.

Hobbs sharing a story of a man who is now charged with an attempt to kill her. Hobbs recalled DPS officers coming into her office with bomb sniffing dogs then having those investigators conduct a check at her home.

“I was really freaked out,” she said.

On the campaign trail, Hobbs says a key issue for Arizona voters is reproductive rights. If elected Governor, she vows to be the “last line of defense for abortion-rights.”

That includes vetoing any restrictions on reproductive care, and appoint agency directors to expand reproductive care.

"I'm angry and outraged, I was three years old when Roe was decided and my 20-year-old daughter that's going to have less rights that I did,” she said.

On inflation and the rising cost of consumer goods and housing, Hobbs hopes to eliminate sales tax for diapers, baby formula and feminine products. She wants to implement a sales tax holiday for school supplies like in other states.

Also, establishing a state-level child tax credit, she says, has been proven to reduce poverty.

“Something that could have been done by the legislature had they chosen to do that,” she said.

On immigration and specifically Title 42, the pandemic-related clause preventing migrants from entering the country to prevent disease spread she says, "Title 42 is not working, that evidence by increase in border crossing since it was implemented, it would be irresponsible to lift Title 42 a comprehensive plan to secure our border," she added.

Hobbs told ABC15 that she plans to include providing resources to border communities.