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Viewers reach out to Operation Safe Roads about rough Phoenix roads

Posted at 4:30 AM, Sep 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 09:25:07-04

PHOENIX — Operation Safe Roads has a hotline and an email address for ABC15 viewers to leave their road concerns. The number is 833-AZ-ROADS. The email address is

One spot seems to be a problem for many people who have reached out over the last few weeks: Greenway Road between 56th Street and Cave Creek Road.

Charles Gibbs was one of those people. He rides his bike and drives the area frequently. But whatever way he chooses to travel, Gibbs said, it is a rough ride.

"What does it take? I mean, are you waiting for like a catastrophic situation? I mean, what are you waiting for," Gibbs asked about repairs.

He is not only annoyed by the potholes in the road, but he is concerned with the safety in the area.

"Cars that go across these too fast... inexperienced driver - whatever... then I come into play and so I have to be conscious of that," Gibbs explained. "If I know that road is bad, I'm watching all aspects of what's going on."

ABC15 Traffic Anchor Megan Thompson drove out to the area of 29th Street and Greenway Road to chat with Gibbs about his concerns. Her own car was stuck in the ruts, which Gibbs refers to as the "washboard" effect.

Thompson took the concerns from viewers and her own experience to the city of Phoenix's Street Transportation Department.

Gregg Bach responded to ABC15's request quickly and sent out crews to assess the issues:

Staff looked into the road conditions you described along Greenway and shared the following information with me.

  • Tatum to 56th Street was recently overlaid and is in good condition
  • 40th Street to Tatum is in fair condition and doesn’t appear to need repairs
  • Some areas between 20th and 40th streets were identified as needing repairs, including the intersection at 29th Street

Bach said those repairs will start sometime in the fall and they are "working to establish a timeline to address the issues."

Thompson received texts and emails from viewers, like Gibbs, to let her know the repairs had happened faster than expected. The intersection at 29th Street and Greenway Road is now re-paved.

The city began its Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program back in 2019, which Operation Safe Roads reported on. Since then, the city has paved more than 500 miles of Phoenix roadway.

The city also created an online interactive dashboard for residents to access. It will let people know when roadwork is scheduled to start in a particular area.

However, if there is a safety issue - the city can and will move up projects. They need to hear from drivers to know where.

They ask that you call: 602-262-6441 or submit a request through this online form.