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When is Phoenix going to fix those bumps in the road?

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 00:42:57-04

PHOENIX — From unpaved roads to bumps in the road, what do you encounter when you drive around Phoenix?

One man reached out to Operation Safe Roads asking: when do those bumps rise to the level of a dangerous safety concern?

David from Phoenix emailed and wrote, "The city has paved 32nd St. but where it intersects Greenway Rd. the paving stopped and for the past 4+ years there are ditches and pot holes in the middle of this intersection. What determines when an intersection needs attention because this is dangerous for anyone riding a bike or motorcycle."

ABC15 reached out on his behalf to the city of Phoenix, where we were told that the city council has approved to accelerate funds for pavement maintenance this year.

"This is mega. We have never touched this many miles all at once," said the Street Transportation Department's Monica Hernandez.

She said that more than 250 miles will be repaved between now and 2023.

In order to keep the public updated on when that work is heading their way, they have created this Interactive Pavement Maintenance Dashboard.

"It's available online," Hernandez explained. "You can sort by council district... if you simply want to see what projects are planned next year and so on - you can do that."

Users can type in their address, as well. From there, they can see what projects are planned and for when.

It turns out the street David contacted Operation Safe Roads about is scheduled for maintenance in 2023.

But, that is far away so we did ask the city about David's concerns. They said an inspector with the Street Maintenance Team will head out there. They will deviate from their schedule if safety is a real issue.

"We have people that are responsible for traveling our various streets here in the city of Phoenix looking for those issues," Hernandez said. "We don't always catch the issue, so we do rely on the eyes and ears of our community."

City officials ask that you call their repair hotline at 602-262-6441 to keep them updated.

If you have a road issue or question that you want us to look into, call: (833) AZROADS or email: